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Name: Pro
Price: 60.00


All VipMvp and Pro Permissions:

- Allows to keep their exp on death, instead of dropping it.
- Access to /fly - You can fly around
- Access to /speed - You can turn on speed for walking and fly
- Access to /ptime - Change day/night time for yourself
- Access to /pweather - Change weather sun/rain for yourself
- Access to/clearinventory - Clear out your inventory
- Access to Disposal and Heal Signs
- Access to /astools - You can create your own custom armor stands
- Access to /trails - Add custom trails to your player

- $1,500 In-Game Money
- 3000 Claim Blocks
- Unlimited /sethome

Backpack /backpack:
- Access to backpack size 6

Mob Catch Will cost $50 in game money every time you use it:
- llama, donkey, mule, horse, endermite, elder_guardian, guardian, rabbit, polar_bear, shulker, parrot, salmon, tropical_fish, pufferfish, turtle, dolphin, phantom, drowned, pillager, fox, panda, cat, ravager, wandering_trader, trader_llama 

Custom Pets /mpet:
- Chomp, Penguin, Snake, Free Ghost, Snowman, Bee, Pikachu, Mew, Turtle, Jake, Doge, Black Pug, Stitch, Gray Cat, Gorilla, Monkey, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Green Frog, Toad, Tree Frog, BB8, BB9, 

You will get Donator Rank in the discord server.