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Name: Mvp
Price: 40.00


All Vip and Mvp Permissions:

- Access to /back - Get back to your pervious place and keep exp from death
- Access to /heal - Heal yourself damage

- Access to /feed - Feed yourself from hunger

- Access to /echest - Open your enderchest anywhere you go

- Access to /kittycannon

- Ability to /near -See who is near you

- /sethome: 35

/artmap Allows players to create and share unique artworks in-game

- 2000 Claim Blocks

- $1000 In-Game Money

Backpack /backpack:
- Access to backpack size 4 

Mob Catch Will cost $50 in game money every time you use it:
- zombie_villager, zombie, slime, ghast, enderman, silverfish, blaze, pig, sheep, cow, chicken, squid, wolf, ocelot, bat, witch, zombie_horse, skeleton_horse

Custom Pets /mpet:
- Gifterino, Wasp, Magikarp, MP8, Panda, Frog, Duck, Pug, Slime, Spider, Villager, Zombie, Zombie Pigman

You will get Donator Rank in the discord server.