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Name: Vip
Price: 20.00


- Access to /kit firework
- Access to /kit color
- Access to /hat -Put any blocks on your head
- Access to /workbench - Craft anywhere you go
- Access to /nick - Nickname yourself with colors
- Access to /near - See who is near you
- Access to /chatcolor gui
- /sethome: 20
- $500 In-Game Money
- 1000 Claim Blocks

Backpack /backpack:
- Access to backpack size 2 

Mob Catch Will cost $50 in game money every time you use it:
- evolker, vex, vindicator, zombie_pigman, magma_cube, cave_spider, mooshroom, creeper, wither_skeleton, stray, skeleton, spider, husk

Custom Pets /mpet:
- Chinese Dragon, Fesitive Dragon, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Dark Dragon, Earth Dragon, Adult Dragon Magical, Adult Magical Dragon, Adult Dark Dragon, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Ghast, Sheep, Skeleton

You will get Donator Rank in the discord server.